Are you mistrustful? We try to help you on this!

2. I think my IT knowledge is of average level, I already heard the expression 'Excel macro' but I am not sure what it exactly means.

•Macros are program codes which help you to execute certain tasks. We have prepared an XLS file containg a macro which you can download, enter the words you want to replace, then push a button and the program will replace them all. You can save your "settings", so next time replace will be faster.
•Using macros is more comfortable, but - probably you have heard about this - they can contain harmful commands even if these parts are not visible! If you feel insecure then you would rather ask for the opinion of a computer expert friend!

1. Enable using macros in Excel.
2. Download the xls file.
3. If you have concerns about hidden harmful commands then please check the methods recommended to people Type 3.

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