The security is a very important aspect as well as for you and for us. The secure communication is through encrypted connection (called SSL) guaranteed. Your profile and your transactions are protected with an encrypted password. To use contoroll, you need only a valid e-mail address, personal data (name, address etc.) are not required.

Are you mistrustful? We try to help you on this!

Have you ever thinked about how many employees in a bank can access your personal data? We have less employees but all of us are obliged by Hungarian Data Protection Act (see our Privacy Policy Statement) to keep your data in secret.
One of contoroll's main features is that you can upload your electronic banks account statements.
Probably you are annoyed by showing your data to our employees? We have an tip for this issue, too:
If there is no personal data in your bank statements, by which you (or your business partner) can be identified (by name, address, account numbers, etc.) then nobody (even none of us) can identify you!
How can you arrange this? We prepared some methods, please choose sentence which best describes you:

  • 1. I am not a computer expert, but I have already used word processor or spreadsheet.


    We describe in a few steps what to do. If you find it too complicated or if you need a more comfortable solution then please check what we offer for people Type 2.

  • 2. I think my IT knowledge is of average level, I already heard the expression 'Excel macro' but I am not sure what it exactly means.


    We offer a simple and comfortable method to you, minimal IT knowledge is enough.

  • 3. Programming my video recorder is not a problem for me, or I eventually created a script on some programming language.


    Please look in our code so that you can check how safe it is. You can copy and paste this VBA code into an Excel file and then run it.
    If you are looking for a more comfortable solution, please check the method that we offer to people Type 2!

  • 4. None of these describes me, I still cannot trust your service.


    We have some tips for you, please, check them here!

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