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Are you looking for a personal finance manager (PFM), family or home budgeting application, expense planning, expense tracker or cost monitoring system? Do you want to monitor your household costs?
Contoroll is the best choice for you!

Secure service
Free expense tracker

The service itself and all of its functions are free of (hidden) charges


Your transactions are protected by password, you connect through SSL, and we do our best for your security

Secure service
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No matter if you use it on your tablet, phablet, laptop, desktop PC or mobile device, you get full experience


Use contoroll and get suggestions how to save money

Saving money with contoroll
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Huge variety of functions

Import of account history. Automatic categorizing. Separated accounts, in arbitrary currencies. Charts, sheets, calendar, forum, personal profile...


Created by independent developers, whose main target is user experience

Independent developers
Do you have questions?

If you have technical problems it is recommended to use our forum, as the questions or answers can help to the other users, too. If you have questions regarding the service please send an e-mail to support@contoroll.com, we try to reply ASAP.

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